All #iPadOnly book videos

As we wrote the #iPadOnly book we’ve recorded quite a few videos which later were also added to the - iBooks for the iPad version of the book.

You can find all of the videos on our #iPadOnly YouTube Channel and below in this blog post:

Office evolution… is iPad powerful enough? What’s possible on the iPad?

Minimalism, simplification… “Cloud computing” and single-tasking

The iPad as the office, a productivity machine… and a radical computing

Features of an ideal computer, designing workflows and blogging

Browsing, Email and Evernote with GoodReader…

Apple Cards, Clipboard history/problem and touch-typing

Microsoft Office, Google Drive and drawing on Paper

Mind Mapping, Diagrams, Brainstorming … and reading later

Nozbe, Travelkit and the Social Media

The power of the iOS ecosystem, iPad & kids… and journaling

Final comments, essential iPad gear… and iPhone recording

Bonus video - our wish list for iOS7 and beyond:

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Written on July 11, 2013 (video)