About the #iPadOnly book project

Your hosts - Augusto Pinaud and Michael Sliwinski

About the authors of the #iPadOnly - Augusto Pinaud and Michael Sliwinski Authors

The #iPadOnly book is open source!

Initially launched in 2013 the #iPadOnly book is now completely open-source (along with this web site) on GitHub and licensed under Creative Commons Share-Alike license

About the #iPadOnly authors


Augusto Pinaud is a writer, a public speaker and a BestSeller Author in the US, UK, Germany, Spain and France. In another life he was a lawyer in recovery and a former technology consultant and salesman. His passion is to write. He’s been studying productivity and helping people with getting organized for the last ten years.

Augusto lives in the USA. He is married and has a little girl, a boy and two dogs who keep him company. He spends his day teaching his daughter and son things, writing and washing dishes, because he believes in what Agatha Christie once said: “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.”


Michael Sliwinski is a productivity guy - he’s mostly known as the founder of Nozbe - a time and project management application for busy professionals and their teams. It’s a web app with native apps for the Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Michael also writes regular columns for a few magazines and speaks publicly on productivity and startup business.

He lives in Europe with his wife and three daughters.