All the #iPadOnly show videos recorded in the past

After launching the #iPadOnly book both Augusto and Michael were recording the “#iPadOnly show” and we’ve recorded a grand total of 13 episodes.

You can still get the show on Apple Podcasts

Or if you want to watch the videos, they are available on our #iPadOnly YouTube Channel or here below:

Show 13: iPadOnly Show on the iPad and Google Hangouts

Show 12: Can you really do real work on the iPad?

Show 11: Air or Mini with Retina? What’s Augusto’s new iPad?

Show 10: Help Augusto choose an iPad. Mini or Air?

Show 9: Is the iPad doomed?

Show 8: Keynote in Apple Store - Michael’s Japanese #iPadOnly Story

Show 7: Different iPad Stands

Show 6: Apple October 2013 Event - iPad Goodness

Show 5: Editorial review and how easy it is to replace apps on the iPad

Show 4: Finding a perfect bag for your iPad

Show 3: Understanding an iPad-only person

Show 2: It’s a Numbers game! :-) Using Numbers (spreadsheets) on the iPad. Demo Time!

Show 1: Touch typing, size, battery and other iPad issues

Written on November 5, 2014 (video)
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