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Section 3 - There's an app for that!

Being #iPadOnly every day - the apps, the workflows and everything in between

People constantly get amazed how anyone could work full-time or most of the time on the iPad. They assume that it is because of a specific kind of a job they do. When Andy Ihnatko, Harry McCracken, James Kendrick, Shane Pearlman, David Kassan, Margaret Manning, Frasier Speirs, Richard Bowman or Richie Hawtin work constantly or mostly #iPadOnly many people argue that it is because of what they do for a living. That’s not really the case as on that list we have writers, bloggers, CEOs, painters, teachers, physicians, musicians/DJs… and we know of many more specialists who turn to their iPads as their main machines.

We believe the post-PC revolution is real and the regular PCs will only be ‘trucks’ used by the few. People will start using not only iPads, but also other tablets based on Android or Windows platforms to get their jobs done. However, the iPad definitely has a head-start and is a more mature platform in terms of tablet-specific apps. The iPad apps are very polished and designed to take advantage of the iPad’s big multi-touch screen.

The main goal of this chapter is to show you our #iPadOnly lifestyle in detail. We start each section of this chapter with a job that needs to be done and show which apps we use to make it all happen. You will see in practice what works for us and which kind of workflows we built to make our #iPadOnly journey as effective as possible.

Thanks to the fact that this book has two authors, you’ll get a chance to see how both of us work and soon you’ll notice we use different apps and have different workflows to achieve the same objectives. This is the longest part of the book, but it will show you the nitty gritty of #iPadOnly. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the most practical part of the book where we reveal all of our secrets and show you how we use our iPads every single day to get everything done.

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