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Chapter 28 - Benefits of the iPhone

There are at least 7 Benefits of having an iPhone with your #iPadOnly setup

As we said the iPad and the iPhone complement each other extremely well and can make you exceptionally productive in your #iPadOnly journey. Here are the 7 benefits of having both in your toolbox:

1) The same look and feel.

Both devices are multi-touch devices where you can use them in both horizontal and vertical mode. You use your built-in stylus (i.e. finger) to navigate both of them. It just feels natural.

2) The same operating system

Both the iPad and the iPhone run iOS. There’s no learning curve, no problem with syncing, compatibility or anything else. The iPad can run any iPhone app and most of these are already universal and are optimized for both devices. Having two devices that behave the same way and have similar apps really helps.

3) The same (or similar) apps

Speaking of the apps - while there are some iPhone or iPad specific apps on our devices, most of the apps we use every day are designed for both- again - a huge productivity boost.

4) The sync

Thanks to Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Nozbe and other ‘clouds’ we use, everything is perfectly synced between our iPhones and iPads. Through the air, with the cloud. No cables, no nothing. It just works. We can start something on the iPad and finish it on the go with the iPhone. It’s that easy. Clean. Fast. Efficient.

5) Internet connection all of the time

Even if your iPad is Wi-Fi only, you can always tether your Internet connection from the iPhone. This way your #iPadOnly machine can be online anytime you want.

Actually, Augusto and Michael approach the Internet connection argument differently. Augusto uses Wi-Fi only on his iPad on purpose - he’s a writer so he prefers not to be distracted when he writes. Michael has a Cellular iPad and he loves the fact that his main computer is connected to the Internet all of the time. Anywhere. No more searching for Wi-Fi hotspots, it’s always online wherever he goes.

6) The iPhone can substitute the iPad

We don’t even have to take our iPads everywhere. Although it’s very portable and fits into a man-purse, you can simply rely on the iPhone when you go out… and have more-or-less the same ‘office’ in your pocket.

Of course, for a longer period of time, it’s a lot better to work on the big, gorgeous iPad screen. That’s why we’re working #iPadOnly and not #iPhoneOnly.

Again, while there are tasks we normally wouldn’t do on the iPhone and would do only on the iPad… because both have the same apps and OS, we CAN do the same tasks if we really needed to. Thanks to all the points above, the iPad is our office now, and the iPhone is the smaller version of this office which is in our pockets at all times. Sweet.

7) The same chargers and other accessories

Michael upgraded to iPhone 5 and iPad 4 in order to have the same ‘Lightning’ cable for both devices. Augusto has iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, also with the same cables. Other than that, both the iPhone and the iPad share a few accessories (and we’ll talk more on those in the next chapters of the book). It’s very practical.

Michael adds a bonus point to our list:

“Now that I’m working #iPadOnly, I find I’m also more productive on the iPhone. I had all of the generations of the iPhone before and I knew a lot about the iOS and how to use it, but thanks to being #iPadOnly now, I squeeze a lot more productivity from the iPhone. Again, because it’s configured the same way as my iPad.”

It’s just great to be #iPadOnly with an iPhone

The iPhone and the iPad work together really well and complement each other tremendously, making the iPhone-iPad combo a greater tool than the sum of its parts.

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