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Chapter 34 - The iPhone gear

Handy iPhone accessories help us make the most of these two iOS devices.

Stuff we need for the iPhone. We’re mentioning it here as you might find it useful. Again, most of the things we carry for the iPad works with the iPhone as well.

Michael’s iPhone Gear:

The Glif + HAMA tiny tripod

From the makers of the Cosmonaut stylus comes the Glif - a perfect way to hook up my iPhone to a tripod and record videos and do still photos. All of the recent video shows I recorded recently for the ‘Productive! Show’ have been done on the Glif.

Olloclip iPhone lenses

The iPhone takes amazing pictures but with the Olloclip iPhone lenses I can take even better ones. It’s a 3-in-1 lens pack that consists of a wide-angle lens, a fish-eye (for almost 180 degree shots) and a macro lens. These are physical lenses so they also work with videos. Very useful.

Quirky Crossover

I no longer carry a wallet. All of the cards I need, my business cards and a handful of cash fit attached to the back of my iPhone with a handy pair of gummy strips. I had several wallets throughout the years but never liked any of them.. Now the iPhone with Crossover is my wallet.

Jabra SPORT Bluetooth headset

I run 2-3 times a week and always take this headset with me. It came recommended from a friend and I love it. Feels great in my ears and also enables me to take calls when running (if somebody dares to interrupt my run!).

Augusto’s iPhone Gear:

The Glif + Joby Mini tripod

I am working on a series of new projects and the Glif as well as the Mini tripod are part of it. If I am working on that project they come with me. Other than that I keep my iPhone to the minimum.

Quirky Crossover

This is something that I recently acquired. After I saw Michael’s I was convinced that I really wanted one.

That’s all our gear!

This is it! This is all of our iPad and iPhone gear. The things we mentioned are really the gadgets that have helped us and served us well. This list may change in a year to come, but we try to very picky about our accessories and make sure we keep it to the minimum.

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