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Chapter 32 - Essential iPad gear

The keyboard, the stylus, the dongles and cables…

This is the stuff we carry at all times. Things we rather have with us during the day when we’re working either in our home offices or when we’re on the move.

Michael’s essential gear:

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

I’ve used several keyboards over the last year - the Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard, ZaggKeys Flex keyboard and Logitech K750 solar keyboard.

I dismissed the Apple’s keyboard right off the bat as it’s just too big for me to carry around. For the first three months I used the ZaggKeys Flex keyboard and I loved it. It’s very small and extremely light. However it doesn’t allow me to write on my lap and it’s not ‘integrated’ with the iPad. On the other hand I didn’t want any ‘folio’ keyboards that would make my iPad look like a netbook. Also, I use the physical keyboard with my iPad only when I write and with my iPad in a vertical and not horizontal position.

The Ultrathin keyboard is perfect as it’s more integrated with the iPad (works as a kind-of Smart Cover) and on the other hand I can detach it completely and just work with the iPad itself. This makes it great for carrying around and for typing on my lap if needed. In addition, the place to mount the iPad with the keyboard is suited for both horizontal and vertical orientation. Side note: I also bought the Logitech K750 keyboard for my Mac Mini in my home office. It has three Bluetooth buttons which help me switch between typing on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. If you have a computer at your office, this keyboard is really good.

Cosmonaut stylus

If you want to draw on the iPad, a stylus is a must. I’ve tried many of them, including a very well done Bamboo stylus but finally settled for the fat-boy of styluses - the Cosmonaut. It’s got the great feel of a marker, forcing me to draw without resting my palms on the screen. This is the stylus I used for most of the drawings in this book.

Lightning to HDMI adapter

I use this adapter whenever I’m on the move and want to show some photos to my family or watch a video with friends. Most people I visit don’t have an Apple TV (thus, no AirPlay possible) and with this adapter I just plug in to their screens using a standard HDMI cable. Works like a charm. I need to have this adapter with me at all times.

Sennheiser in-ear headphones

I carry these headphones with me and use them for listening to music on the iPhone or doing Skype or FaceTime calls on my iPhone or iPad. They fit my ear perfectly and most of all make the external environment quieter for me.

Ballpoint pen

Don’t ask. Has nothing to do with the iPhone and the iPad. It’s just super-useful to carry a ballpoint-pen with you at all times.

iPad 12W charger and Lightning cable

It’s more of a ‘just in case’ accessory. The iPad’s battery lasts the whole day, but the iPhone’s doesn’t. This small 12W beast charges my iPhone in no-time so I carry it around.

These are the gadgets I carry with me at all times in my man-purse (I got mine from Guess). Together with the iPad and the iPhone, this is my entire mobile office.”

Augusto’s essential gear:

Logitech KB110 keyboard.

“I love this keyboard, it is illuminated and the battery lasts a long time. That means that I don’t need to worry about batteries or anything else. That was one of the annoyances of the Apple keyboard. Also it can use up to three devices and has an on-off switch so I don’t run my battery out (that happened to me with the Apple keyboard).

InCase - Origami

This is the case designed with the Apple Keyboard in mind but nothing that a little bit of 3M double side tape can’t fix. I use it with my new Logitech keyboard now.


This was originally a KickStarter project. I got them later from Amazon. It provides me with a great angle to type and takes up very little space in the bag. It’s compatible with the iPad, the iPad Mini and the iPhone. If you use an Apple Keyboard (I don’t anymore) you can even leave it attached to Keyboard.

Fisher Bullet Pen

I love these pens. They flow nicely; they write comfortably and are not that expensive. I have used them for years. They are compact but they open for a full size.

Index Cards

I always carry 2 kinds. Cheap blank ones and the Levenger Ruled ones. There is something to be said about writing on a good paper (like Levenger).

iPhone + iPad Charger

I know the iPad will last me all day, the iPhone often doesn’t. It is easier to have both all the time.

iPhone Pods extra Headset

There is nothing worse than when your headset breaks before a conference call or before you arrive someplace loud to work. I always carry a backup set.

Screen Cleaner (also Lenses Cleaner)

I wear glasses and hate it when they get too dirty, so I always have cleaner for both my glasses and the iPad and iPhone screen.

Tide Pen

It looks like a pen and contains laundry soap. It is great for cleaning your clothes on the spot.

These are the contents of my bag if I am going somewhere to work. Many times I just grab the iPad and nothing else, especially if I am not going to work for any long period of time. If I’m leaving for a longer time, I then grab my bag that it is an old Victorinox Eiffel Vertical bag.

I have been on the search to replace this bag for years, but I have not at the time of this writing found a better one, so I continue carrying it.

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