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Chapter 26 - Gaming

Playing games on the iPad can be very addictive.

This is the part where you’ll have to find better experts than us. We really don’t have the time to play games and we aren’t very passionate gamers anyway. We’d rather read a book or watch a movie when we have some free time. Michael’s wife plays solitaire on her iPad: ‘but she’s a solitaire-maniac - she can’t be helped.’

Suffice to say, there are more games than any other apps in the App Store. So again, you can go #iPadOnly as far as gaming is concerned. Paired with Apple TV streaming, things get even better.

Michael sometimes plays games:

“Yes, I sometimes play (although not all that much). I do some racing like the F1 Racing and Grand Theft Auto. I play F1 racing before each Forumula 1 Grand Prix to see how the track ‘feels’ and to get to know the track from the driver’s perspective. The GTA games bring back memories from when I was in college and I used to spend hours playing this game on the PC. Oh yes, and I sometimes play NBA live as well - but I have this one on my iPhone and use it to ‘kill time’ when I’m waiting somewhere for someone.”

Augusto doesn’t install games at all:

“Because I know how easy I can get distracted, my iPad does not contain any games. The iPad is my main working machine, if I add games to it, I will no longer be productive on my iPad.

Recently in the US, Starbucks gave away the Angry Birds Star Wars edition and since I’m a big Star Wars fan I installed it on my iPhone and wasted quite a few hours.”

If you’re into Gaming - iPad is your thing

With the iPad’s big screen and the retina graphics of the big iPad, it’s a fantastic and very engaging gaming device. Add Game Center to it and you’ll be playing with everyone you know in no time.

Again, we use the iPads as our work machines so we try to avoid the games. We have our kids to play with and we have our wives to watch movies with. However, you can play if you want - be our guest.

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