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Section 5 - Our iPad gear

It's not just about the iPad. It's also the gear that helps unlock its potential.

Over the last year we’ve been experimenting with different gear for our iPads and iPhones. When you get into choosing your gear there are really two extremes, you care for it or you don’t. We are geeks and gadget-guys so we like to play with new gear, our wives don’t care about it.

Part of our objective is to be mobile, and be as productive in our home-office as at the Warsaw Chopin Airport, O’Hare or Indianapolis International as at the kitchen table, or at the Starbucks seven blocks away. Because of that we have ‘settled’ (notice the quotation marks, ‘settled’ simply means in this case for now) for a few accessories for our highly mobile office that complement our #iPadOnly work.

We’ve divided our gadgets into three categories:

  1. The essential iPad and iPhone gear - stuff we carry at all times. Things we rather have with us during the day when we’re working or visiting clients and friends.

  2. The rest of the iPad gear - stuff we carry when traveling - in the hotel room or in the office. These are the things we need a lot (like chargers) or might need for specific purposes.

  3. The iPhone gear - stuff we need for the iPhone. We’re mentioning it here as you might find it useful. Again, most of the things we carry for the iPad works with the iPhone as well.

Michael has both iPad4 and iPhone5 so he completely switched to the new Lightning port - this way both of his devices share the same cables. Augusto’s big iPad continues using the old connector but his new Mini and the iPhone5 are already on the ‘Lightning’. The essential iPad and iPhone gear

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