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The End - Final Comments

Going #iPadOnly is a journey, not a destination.

When we got the idea of writing this book we didn’t know exactly what was going to be the end result. We knew we wanted to show you our #iPadOnly journey. We didn’t know if this was going to be a 30 page-manifesto or an incredible book with almost 50,000 words and more than 30 videos.

This book not only gave us the opportunity to review our assumptions about our own #iPadOnly journey yet again but also made us learn new software, tips and tricks and so much more from one another.

Augusto’s Final Comments

“I am grateful for this experience, I really hoped that I was able to bring you a little of my own #iPadOnly experience.

It is also Michael’s fault that I spent a lot of money because of this book. He convinced me to get an iPad Mini and test it and when I did, my wife took it from me and I had to get another one. OK, maybe it wasn’t his fault but the inner geek in me…

Again, this has been an incredible journey. I learned so much about so many things… and I was able to discuss it almost daily with someone else; how to make my own workflows, tools and assumptions even more effective to accomplish more and be more productive in my #iPadOnly journey.”

Michael’s Final Comments

“I’ve been dying to write a book about #iPadOnly for some time now. However, in my busy schedule I knew I couldn’t make it on my own. And I also wasn’t sure I had enough to say to make it a book. I needed a sparing-partner for this project and I found one in Augusto.

It turns out, thanks to our synergy we had an entire book in us. As a bonus we learned so much from one another. We kept questioning each other’s ideas on a regular basis… and most of all I sincerely believe we got to be part of a bigger movement where the PC’s become trucks and our iPads become the mainstream computers.”

Why we really wrote this book

This book’s goal is not to convince you to go #iPadOnly now or tell you that you must go #iPadOnly and if you don’t, you’re not ‘one of us’… or anything like that.

The goal is to inspire you to challenge your habits, question your workflows and take a look at how you work on your computer from a different perspective. To make you revisit your ‘computer tasks’ and think how you can simplify them and make them more ‘fun’ in the process. If we achieved that, then we consider our mission accomplished.

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