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It's not just a book - it's a movement on Twitter!

Be a part of the post-PC movement and help us spread the word about #iPadOnly book. That's why our book' name is a hashtag already!

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In the meantime you can use some of these tweets:

"Working more than 80% of the time on the iPad and we are having a blast in the process." #iPadOnly book: http://iPadOnly.net

"#iPadOnly was written to see, evaluate, re-test and acquire new assumptions on how this this post-PC world makes sense" http://iPadOnly.net

"Touching the screen directly is better than just clicking with the mouse. The iPad is all about touching." #iPadOnly http://iPadOnly.net

"This new and intimate way of interacting with our computers and content is here to stay."#iPadOnly book: http://iPadOnly.net

"Most people are convinced that the iPad can only be used for "media consumption". They miss a lot." #iPadOnly book: http://iPadOnly.net

"When @MSliwinski wanted to simplify his setup and become more mobile he switched to the iPad."#iPadOnly book: http://iPadOnly.net

"Confronting your old habits and changing them might be one of the hardest challenges on your journey to #iPadOnly." http://iPadOnly.net

"iPad is designed to help us realize we don't need a full-blown computer for most of our computing tasks."#iPadOnly: http://iPadOnly.net

"Unlike on a PC, you begin with attachment and later write message to share it. An entire paradigm shift." #iPadOnly: http://iPadOnly.net

"With a powerful computer we're lazy and we do stuff we shouldn't do just because we can!" #iPadOnly book: http://iPadOnly.net

"Work is not a place to go, it's a thing you do - Anonymous" #iPadOnly book: http://iPadOnly.net