When you discover you need less in your office...

By Augusto Pinaud

A good friend of mine share this picture yesterday.

I saw the picture and simply smile. Not so long ago, I also have an office that have all those monitors (I use to travel with 30lbs of stuff, at home I had 3 monitors), the computers, scanners, printers and more and more stuff. I learned that many of those were distractions. These days I do most of my work on the iPad Mini and the iPhone. Actually I was unable to include my iPhone on the picture bellow because I have no other camera.

Being effective and had nothing to do with the equipment you have (amount of equipment that is). I know as a fact that my friend accomplish a lot of stuff, but you need to know and understand well your limitations. If you give me all that equipment, I tend to get distracted. When I have only the iPad and the iPhone I tend to use my time better.

I love those pictures as much as I like to go and visit my friends offices, and discover that there days I don't need much equipment to accomplish what I do. In June I went to Mexico for 10 days with my iPhone on Airplane mode and my iPad Mini. I work for 10 days over there. This morning, I am packing to work outside the house. See the picture above, thats the whole office this morning.

It is interesting when you discover you need less in your office but somehow you are accomplishing so much more...

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013